My Planner Basics #PlannerGirlsCollective

My Planner Basics

This week for the PlannerGirls Collective blog hop, we are having a free choice week. I’ve had an idea to write this post up for a few weeks now, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get it put together. I’m going to be talking about my planner basics! By ‘basics’ what I mean is the little folder of stickers tucked into the front pocket of my main planner that I use week in and week out!

My main ‘life & everything’ planner this year is my classic size Happy Planner. It sits on my desk and contains all of my household stuff, bills, appointments and to-do lists for the week. It is like my go-to reference planner and then if I need more detail I know to refer to the dedicated planner for that topic (work, blog, health etc). I decorate it, usually with little to no ‘white space’ so I love me a sticker kit! Here are a few of my recent weekly spreads in my planner to show what I mean.

Why I Started My Planner Basics Folder

The only problem with kits is they are designed to be fairly generic – or in some cases to suit what the shop owner uses. That means that often I don’t have enough (or any) of certain stickers and icons. For example – most weekly kits come with just one or maybe two appointment stickers. However, I have Lupus and work with 2 nurses, my GP, and 3 consultants! That’s before we even consider my injured son, husband, and mother-in-law! Let’s just say I need more than one or two appointment stickers – some weeks I am at the hospital or surgery every day! The solution I have come up with is to gather up single sheets of the stickers that I use most often so that I always have them on hand to supplement the kit I have chosen for the week. I usually stick to a few of my favourite shops, but I will sometimes chop and change. I like to have a good selection that matches most colours and themes.

So, let’s take a look at what is currently in my planner basics folder!

Since I already mentioned the appointment issue, let’s go ahead and start with that! I am currently using these cute doctor appointment quarter boxes from My Planner Loving Heart (Alyson10 will get you a 10% discount on orders over £5 + a free sampler). These are available in Rainbow or Pastel colourways which is great because it means they can be matched to more or less any kit that you choose to use!

Another thing that takes up a great deal of my life is Basketball. At one point, my son played in 3 different leagues across 2 age groups so it was crazy! Thankfully we just have the one league to deal with this season, but that still means training at least twice per week, games most weekends, officiating duties and other team events. Basketball isn’t all that popular in the UK so I did find it tough to find stickers. I chop and change between a few different designers – currently I am using these balls by Handcrafted by Sheree, but previously I have also used Dook Plook Designs and Ugly Bug Plans. I just use the little ball icons and add them to a half or quarter box with the details of the event + postcode if I need to travel.

Laundry is a Living Thing!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret! I think my laundry basket is actually alive! Not only is it alive, but it is breeding! I swear I rarely see the bottom of the baskets – that’s right multiple baskets! We have one in each bedroom and one in the bathroom, then a big one with compartments to sort by colour in the kitchen. I do a minimum of 2 loads every single day! I blame my son! He does PE 10 times per week, plus basketball training, plus gym. Sometimes it’s my turn for the team kits. He also has school uniforms and scout uniforms too! That’s before we even talk about me and the husband. Also the towels… so many towels! I have a pretty impressive selection of laundry realted planner stickers!

First up I have laundry day stickers and washing machine icons from My Planner Loving Heart. Then I have these new ones from The Geeky Planner (Alyson10 for 10% off orders over £8) which have check boxes for wash, dry and fold. The brain fog is real! I often have to wash a load 3 times before i remember it needs to be hung up! These are going to be life savers!!

It’s a Text Thing!

Sometimes if I am using a mini-kit or some leftovers, I don’t have the appropriate headings. I mostly like to use ‘To Do’ and ‘Today’ for my headers. I have a selection of script stickers from My Planner Loving Heart that I like to use on top of washi to create headers. I also have additional words like ‘work’, ‘bill due’ and ‘pay day’ in my basics folder which can also come in handy if the kit I am using doesn’t have those included. i don’t generally mark work stuff in my main planner, but sometimes if I am taking days off or if i need to track my hours for a contract I will use those to label the boxes I am using.

Cute Custom Stickers

I also have two types of customs stickers in my basic folder that I had made because they are not really stickers that other planners use! I’ve never actually seen any shop with them on sale! First, I have Lupus Flare stickers made by Danielle at My Planner Loving Heart and then I have a couple of different Paranormal Investigation stickers made by my planner bestie Chloe!

What are your planner basics that you use week in and week out?




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What Planners I Use & Why #PlannerGirlsCollective

Hi! My name is Alyson and I have a planner addiction! Actually, it isn’t even just planners – it’s all stationery! I’m not even sorry. This week myself and the other ladies from the Planner Girls Collective are kicking things off with the topic ‘What Planners I Use & Why’. I haven’t blogged for a while, for reasons I will explain later in the week, so I thought this would be an excellent topic to get back into things.. easy, I thought. Then I started to pull out my planners to take a photograph!

These are the planners that I will be using in 2018. It isn’t even all of them. I also have an art journal, a bujo for lists and a memory planner. However, those are just intermittent things I pull out from time to time. They don’t serve a particular function as such, so they didn’t make the cut! Instead, I am focusing on the planners I use regularly to keep my life in order. As you can see I actually use 10 different planners. Each one has it’s own function. I have tried using one or two planners, but for me I need to separate every part of my life out! So, without further ado let’s walk through my current planners and their uses.

Themed Journals

First up we have a set of 3 Uglydoris from Ugly Bug Plans. These are not so much day to day planners, but they are journals for certain parts of my life. On the left is my A5 Uglydori in Night Sky which serves as my home control journal. One of my goals for 2018 is to declutter and start keeping a better grip on household chores. I’m using a modified version of the FlyLady system with help from the lovely DeClutterbugs group on Facebook, so this Uglydori has a bujo style Control Journal in it. Next to that is my Green B6 Uglydori which is going to be my Christmas Planner. I haven’t set her up yet, I have been using a a5 Gold Saffiano but I recently sold it to buy a TN instead! Finally, the Red A6 is my book of shadows. It is a little chunky monkey with 6 inserts, plus folders and dashboards etc! I use it to house my spell book, my book of shadows and book of mirrors, a journal, an almanac and various other things to do with witchcraft and wicca.

Daily Functional Planners

Next up we have another couple of Uglydoris (are you seeing a theme here?). These are both B6 and are ready to ship TNs in the floppy style of leather. All of the others are custom ones. The Raspberry B6 is my health journal which I use to keep track of all of my medications, my symptoms, my appointments and so on. It serves as a journal too as I often note down thoughts and feelings. It is great for taking to appointments to discuss things with my various consultants. When one of them asks when I changed my steroid dose, or how often my chemo makes me throw up I can consult my journal because my brain is mush most of the time and I would never remember! The Red B6 is my work planner. I have tried various planners and they don’t work for me for work! I am a freelance copywriter and branding specialist for a marketing agency and I don’t have set hours. I have a list of weekly tasks and deadlines. A TN is working for me. I have a monthly insert to mark days off, invoice dates, deadlines etc. An hourly schedule for busy days when I want to plan out timings for projects, an accounts book and then a bujo style book with passwords, branding colors, notes etc.

Blog Planners

Next up are my blogging planners. I really want to get this blog back off the ground again this year so I am using an Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly planner for blogging notes and plans. It’s really shaping up to work quite well. However, I also have plans to launch a website this year based on my other obsession – the paranormal! So that adorable mini Happy Planner contains my plans for that!

Daily Planners

Now we are getting to the main core planners! I have a matching set of Happy Planners in classic and mini. The classic is basically my life. It has my todo lists, appointments, family stuff, bills, reminders etc all in there. It lives on my desk and I can consult it for everything except work.

Nothing is too detailed, because I know if for example I have written ‘publish blog’ I would go to my blog planner for my notes and checklists.  The mini is only money related! All of my bills and savings are noted in there. I use a happy planner because I love the flexibility of the discs.

Every Day Carry

Last, and perhaps my favourite of all is Spooks, my Skyscraper, custom tooled A6 Uglydori. He is my everyday carry and doubles up as my wallet. I keep a monthly and weekly insert, a notebook, and a spending log in there along with my cards, a small change purse, and my ID. It has vertical pockets and a Bug Wing Flap in the back!

My monthly inserts are quite pretty with decoration etc, but my weeklies are very much on the go scribbles with a few stickers here and there!

So, those are my current planners and what I use them for! What sort of planner are you using?

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My Monthly View #PlannerGirlsCollective


Welcome to another Planner Girls Collective post. I’ve decided to move this over here from my old blog (A Life Lived In Words) as I am working to combine the two. I love this week’s topic which is ‘My Monthly View’. One of the most frequently asked questions that I hear, especially from new planner girls is ‘how do you use your monthly view’? Hopefully the collective can come together and offer some ideas to help you out if this is something that you have been struggling with! I also think it is going to answer another common question – ‘how do you forward plan without decorating ahead?’ So, let’s get on and check out how I use my monthly view.

Forward Planning With My Monthly View

When I have appointments or events planned a few months in advance I either pencil them in or use little sticky notes and page flags to mark them. I have learned not to pen them in place as I now re-date my monthly view so that the week begins on a Monday!


My Month at a Glance

I decorate my Monthly View during the last week of the previous month so that I have an ‘at a glance’ look at the month ahead. It will already have all of my post it notes in place from my forward planning, so my first step is to re-date the page – I cannot cope with the week starting on a Sunday! So I buy monthly kits that start on a Monday and re-date my monthly view to reflect this! Next I will transfer in all of those dates that I have from forward planning. Finally I mark in all of the bills that are due for the coming month. Here are a few examples of my monthly view (some private appointments are blurred).






Using That Side-Bar

One thing I have always found wasn’t getting used was the Side Bar on the monthly view. Since I use mine as an at a glance for the month, I did not have many ‘notes’ to go there. However, the lovely Michelle @ UglyBugPlans mentioned how she would use her Side Bar for monthly bills and I gave it a go. As you can see it is now a permanent feature. I use it as a checklist – once the bill is paid I mark it off!

So, that is my monthly view in a nutshell, don’t forget to check in with the rest of the Planner Girls Collective to see how they are using their monthly views!

Happy Planning.






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