Planning on a Budget : Stretch That Sticker Kit!

One of the things that I hear a lot in the planner community is how expensive it is to buy stickers. Unfortunately, this usually leads to a bit of an argument between sticker makers and consumers. Sure on the surface, a weekly sticker kit costing £7-£10 is expensive when you plan 52 weeks a year – even more so if you are using multiple planners. However, on the other side of the coin, the sticker makers are running a business to support themselves and their families. Making stickers requires artwork, commercial licenses, sticker paper, equipment and their time! They still need to make a profit! That’s why I don’t mind paying for kits – but I have learned to be selective about who I buy from so that I get plenty of stickers for my money!! There are some sticker makers out there who really pack their sheets with stickers and some who are a little more skimpy! If I do try a new shop it’s usually during a sale or at a planner meet where I can see the stickers for myself!!

Tips for Planning on a Budget

Here are a few tips I have picked up along the way for stretching my planner budget a little further:

  1. Be Selective – Look at exactly what you are getting for your money. Are there lots of stickers in the kit? Are they stickers you will use?
  2. Look for PR Codes – Most shops have a PR code or if not a code for Facebook or Instagram followers. It’s easy to find 10% off most shops!
  3. Supplement with Printables – There are lots of free printables online you can use to pad out your sticker collection so make use of them!
  4. Save Your Leftovers – When you have leftovers, save them and once you have a little pile you can pick out matching colours and do a mixed spread!
  5. Stretch Your Kit – Use your kit across more than one spread. I’m going to go into more detail on this below, but often you have plenty of stickers to decorate multiple pages.

Stretching a Kit Across Multiple Spreads

In my newest video, I am doing a plan with me using the  Alice in Wonderland kit by My Planner Loving Heart. The full kit costs £10, but you can use Alyson10 for a discount. I managed to create a full no white space Happy Planner spread and 2 spreads in my A6 uglydori TN. If I hadn’t done a no white space spread I would likely have gotten a second happy planner spread or at least a half week from the kit too! I did add a sampler kit and deco sheet for an additional £3.50 plus a handful of functional stickers already in my stash, but I still think that £13.50 (or £12.15 with the discount!) is great for 3 Planner spreads. I also ended up with a fair amount of stickers left over as well which I added to my leftover box to use in memory planning or by matching with other leftovers.